Stretch Marks

How Can I Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Getting rid of stretch marks is the main theme of this website but it is also something that a great many women (and some men) worry about every day.  I get numerous emails asking how to get rid of stretch marks quickly.  The people that email me promise me that they won't attend an event of a lifetime if they can't get rid of stretchmarks.  Quite honestly, stretch marks should not keep you from doing the thing in life that are fun. Period.

If you're faced with an upcoming event and you're asking yourself "How Can I Get Rid of Stretch Marks FAST?" or even "How can I get rid of stretch marks for free?", then you need to realize that stretch marks can't go away quickly without surgery.  Stretch marks take time to develop, and they will take time to fade.

Now that you know getting rid of stretch marks takes time, let's talk about what we can do to minimize the appearance of stretch marks for your big event.

  • Use a self tanning lotion or cream.  This works especially well on older, silver-white stretch marks.  I use a Q tip to apply tanner directly onto the stretch marks two or three days before a special occasion.  The next day, I apply the tanning cream to my entire body to blend in the stretch mark application.
  • Buy an awesome outfit.  Buy a new dress or suit that accentuates the other parts of your body and covers up your stretch marks.  Most stretch marks appear on the buttocks, thighs, and breasts.  These areas are very easy to cover up.  If your stretch marks are on your arms, an outfit with long sleeves or even sheer sleeves would do the trick.

Now that we're addressed stretch marks in the short term, let's get back to getting rid of stretch marks.  For newer reddish colored stretch marks, the pulse dye laser heats up the affected area and causes blood vessel walls to collapse near the surface.  This significantly reduces the color of the stretch marks but doesn't get rid of them.

For older, white stretch marks, eximer laser treatments work great to increase pigment production in the stretch marks.  After a series of treatments, your stretch marks become the color of the rest of your skin.


Disclaimer:  The information provided within this site is not meant to be a substitute for a medical doctor's opinion.  This site is for informational purposes ONLY.  Please check with your medical practitioner before any type of treatment or prevention method is started.

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