Stretch Marks

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Laser treatment for stretch marks is proving an increasingly popular way of trying to eradicate the unsightly marks that can run across your belly, thighs, and upper arms.   It is an evolving technology and at the present time the best that laser surgery can do is to help stretch marks to fade; it probably won’t be able to zap them out of your life completely.  Most laser surgery procedures require several sessions. 

Whether lasers are effective at removing stretch marks is sharply dividing medical opinion.  One school of thought holds that the evidence doesn’t stack up to support this.  Lasers are good at vaporizing and breaking down tissue, not in repairing it.  Proponents of laser surgery for stretch marks contend that lasers help to stimulate the production of collagen as the dermis soaks up the laser heat and light and this replaces the connective fibers that have worn away. 

Clinical research using a Fraxel laser to eradicate stretch marks has proven to be very effective.  In research conducted by scientists at the Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea a small handful of treatments resulted in striae improving by as much as 75% (Petrou I.   Fractional photothermolysis tackles striae distensae.  Dermatology Times; 28 (2): 94-106).  During this treatment scattered pulses of laser light are directed at a small section of the scar tissue only.  This creates microscopic wounds that encourage the dermis (the skin’s middle layer) to heal.   

There is also evidence to suggest that pulsed dye laser treatment is effective.  In one research study (Suh D et al. Radiofrequency and 585-nm pulsed dye laser treatment of striae distensae: A report of 37 Asian patients.  Dermatol Surg; 33 (1):29-34) 89% of patients with abdominal stretch marks showed improvement with an increase in the amount of collagen and elastic fibers produced.

Disclaimer:  The information provided within this site is not meant to be a substitute for a medical doctor's opinion.  This site is for informational purposes ONLY.  Please check with your medical practitioner before any type of treatment or prevention method is started.

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