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Figuring out how to eat healthy can be difficult. Especially when there are so many factors that impact what is healthy for you, specifically. The average person needs to take into account age, body size, and activity level as well as any special health concerns such as diabetes and food allergies when planning their diet. Even ethnicity and location play a role in food selection for optimum health. Planning a healthy menu takes research and common sense.

Food Guide

What constitutes a healthy diet varies from person to person depending on body weight, frame size, body mass index or BMI, and overall health. If you Google "healthy eating" you get over 23 million hits in less than five seconds. No wonder the average consumer is confused about diet!

Food is divvied up into food groups and placed into a food pyramid. Food pyramids depict pictorially the four main food groups and each group's importance in maintaining a healthy diet. The base of the pyramid are your grains, the next level contains fruit and vegetables, the next meat and dairy, and the top all those oils and sweets that need to be used sparingly. The food pyramid is a guideline for healthy food choices.

Determining Portion Size

Now that you know what to eat, how much do you eat? What are the size portions? For a general guideline, use your hand: a finger length is about the diameter of one fruit serving or the diameter of a tennis ball; your fist is about one cup or two servings of cooked vegetables or pasta; to measure one teaspoon, use the tip of your thumb as a great guesstimate, and your whole thumb as about two tablespoons of food or about a half-ounce of cheese. Your palm is roughly the size of a deck of cards or about three ounces of meat.

Will following these guidelines give you good health and a perfect weight? Well, they will grant you better health and a healthy weight for your age and body type. You will get the recommended daily requirements that your body needs to maintain good health. By eating right you'll be improving the rate at which your body can repair tissue, build muscle and fiber, and improve eyesight and strong bones. Just keep in mind that moderation and knowledge are key to staying healthy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided within this site is not meant to be a substitute for a medical doctor's opinion. This site is for informational purposes ONLY. Please check with your medical practitioner before any type of treatment or prevention method is started.

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