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Trilastin is a stretch mark removal cream that is formulated to reduce and repair stretch marks better than any other cream on the market today. This particular cream uses a complex protein cocktail that includes elastin, collagen, and soy. These proteins are necessary in preventing the breakdown in skin tissue that causes stretch marks in the first place and also repairs existing ones better than other over the counter creams can.

If you are looking to prevent stretch marks from occurring during your pregnancy, then you should begin using the cream immediately and throughout the entire 9 months. It is perfectly safe to use all through pregnancy and starts to work on the first application. If you have existing stretch marks, you will see a huge difference after 3-4 weeks of continual use. You can even continue to use this cream while breastfeeding. It is safe and specially formulated for expecting and nursing mothers, and will not harm you or your baby, no matter how long you use it for.

How long you will have to use Trilastin will depend on many factors. If you are using it to prevent stretch marks while pregnant and losing weight, you would want to continue applications as directed till your skin is back to normal post partum. If you began treatment on existing stretch marks, then you can keep on using the cream till you have the results you are looking for. The severity of the actual stretch marks will determine how much cream you will need. The part about this cream is that no matter what type of skin you have or the color, it will work.

If you are looking to get this cream to help you prevent and treat your stretch marks, you will need to order it online. Trilastin is not available in the stores. You will need to go to their web site to order the product. On the site you will be able to read more about the product and its benefits, as well as personal testimonies from previous users.


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